Printer Birch Spare Parts MB FOR BP-003

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1.) Rigid Mechanism in Metal

—-Built with strong and rigid metallic internal mechanism, instead of plastic

—-Built with metallic cover hinge instead of plastic hinge to lengthen the cutter life

—-Finished module design to support Kiosk assembling


2.) Powerful Performance and Compatibility

—-Built with 4MB buffer memory (normal receipt printer on the market just with 128K memory)

—-Supports upgradeable firmware and font downloading at user’s side

(normal receipt printer on the market needs to replace the M/B to upgrade its firmware or font setting)

—-Supports USB 2.0 full speed connection, instead of USB 1.0

—-Supports Ethernet 10/100 Base T, instead of 10 Base T

—-Fully supports Epson driver (allowed to use Epson TM-88III driver on BP-003 directly for RS232 and OPOS besides Birch driver)


3.) Other features

—-Supports “Beep tone” setting via driver after each paper printing for kitchen application

—-Built with Japanese-made SEIKO printer head and auto cutter

—-Interchangeable interface cable and more 2-in-1 interface option

BP-003P: LPT port

BP-003U/BP-003R: USB 2.0+ RS232 interface, with USB or RS232 cable

BP-003N: USB 2.0+ Ethernet 10/100 interface, with LAN cable


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