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1.    QX3 stands for “ Q” (Cube) and “ X” ( extraordinary) powerful QX3 printer with very cube design built-in the metallic inner mechanism to assure of the printing stability and reliability. With the very small foot-print design which can meet for most of the working environment.

2.    Convertible printing outputs
Thanks to the convertible printing output which allows QX3 printer supports the front printing outputs and top printing outputs, then the customers can be more flexible to meet their systems or applications even for the on- shelf usage.

3.    Supports 58mm/80mm/82.5mm paper-width
QX3 printer is indeed a multiple printer for the 58mm/80mm/82.5mm paper width, then it is excellent printer for the customers’ application and save their budget..

4.    Exceptionally tough and full-featured

  • 300mm print speed.
  • IAP functions support firmware update within 90 seconds
  • 1.5 million cut
  • Supports codepage settings and 1D/2D barcode( QR code and PDF417) .


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