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BP110: Bluetooth pocket Scanner

Wireless Scanner leads to enjoy the innovation of Technology


1. Compact-and-Pocket sized
Driven by the passion to achieve the mobile solution, Birch releases the BP-110 scanner with compact-and-pocket sized design, which Bluetooth class 4.0 and support HID & SPP modes.


 2. Unique and Easy
BP110 supports the AAA rechargeable battery and Alkaline battery which the customers can get easily from their local  market., Furthermore, it is the most convenient solution to avoid“the MSDS” regulated by the transportation either by sea freight  or air freight.


  3. Long operation hours and high scan rate
BP-110 can support 8500 scans after full charge( it is about 8 hours working hours). With the scan rate of 270 scans/sec, BP110 is your good choice on the mobile scanning.


  4. 3-in-1 operation and powerful functions

  • the newly BP-110 can be wireless, memory or USB cable use,In brief, it can be for the “ real time “ to work with mobile systems or even the batch operation.
  • BP-110 supports most of 1D barcode symboligies in the market.
  • BP-110 support  vibration function.


 [Ordering Information ]: 

  •    BP-110W : pock-and-wireless CCD scanner, w/necklace strap, White color



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