Birch 2D BS-411BU

$ 110,00


BS-411 Series

Compact and Cost-effective 2D/1D Presentation Type

An Unrivalled Convenient Counter 2D/1D Scanner You Can Count on


     1. Viewing angle adjustable

With inspiring design, incomparable feeling of contemporary modern and operation flexibility,
BS-411 support the viewing angle adjustable with very small foot print base.


2. Performance Driven

BS-411 built-in the versatile decoder and excellent optical module,
which support most of the 1D barcode and popular 2D barcode includes the lots of postcodes.
It is the excellent scanner for counter scanning applications.


      3.Interface support

BS-411 supports interface cable changeable on RS232 and USB interface.
The USB cable supports USB( HID) and USB( Virtual COM)


4.To grow your business

The demands for 2D barcode application grow rapidly everywhere ,
which includes the Kiosk, self service and mobile market.
The BS-4111 is the right scanner to grow your business and solve your business challenges.


[Ordering information]:

  • BS-411BU: 2D/1D counter scanner with USB cable( HID+ Virtual COM),Black
  • BS-411BR: 2D/1D counter scanner with RS232 cable.


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