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  1. Need for speed and space-saving

To meet the current digital transformation, the customers more concerned about the speed and space-saving for their applications. CP-Q1T is designed to have 260mm/second printing speed, and very small foot printing mechanism.


  1. Enjoy the high performance of printing

CP-Q1T supports most of 1D or even QR code and PDF417 printing. Furthermore support the easy paper- loading , wall mounting, OPOS drivers and excellent printing performance.


  1. 3-in-1 interface and user-friendly

CP-Q1T supports RS232 + USB + LAN as standard for your applications. The 3-in-1 interface device is very helpful for your application. The customer can have CP-Q1T for most of the computer connections.


  1. Bright idea of “ paper see-through” cover

Besides the very cute top cover design, CP-Q1T has the line-bar paper see-through design on the cover, which is helpful to see the paper roll status.



[Ordering information] :CP -Q1TB: 80mm thermal receipt printer, w/Auto-Cutter, 260mm/second speed,   RS232 + USB + LAN


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