Genius GX-Speed Gaming Mouse (Silver-Grey)

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GX Gaming Mouse Pad GX-Speed (Silver-Grey) – 31250001102

Genius now launches a new series of soft gaming mouse pads for pro gamers. GX-Speed Darklight Edition is a slick cloth weave pad designed for precise and fast tracking during MMORPG or RTS gaming. GX-Control Darklight Edition is a heavily textured weave pad designed for accurate mouse movement during FPS gaming. GX soft gaming mouse pads have non-slip natural thick rubber padding that provide a superb surface grip during extended gaming sessions and a dense, anti-fraying long-lasting stitched frame to tear your opponents and not your mouse pad to shreds. The enlarged pad size of 450 x 370 mm allows comfortable and unrestricted movement delivering maximum performance during tournament play. A binding strap is included so you can roll up the mouse pad and take it with you to your next game event. For more information about these professional gaming mouse pads, just contact your sales representative.


  • Enlarged pad size: 450 x 370 mm with a 3 mm thickness
  • Trim overstitch edges provides anti-fraying and durability
  • Binding strap for compact storage and travel
  • Non-slip natural thick rubber for superb surface grip


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